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My name is Joshua Stokely

Joshua Stokely is a classic and men's physique division competitive bodybuilder in the NPC (National Physique Committee). He has been an avid bodybuilder and Certified Personal Trainer for 20 years, which led him to find his passion for competing over 5 years ago. Starting as an overweight 14 year old teenager, Josh found the passion to turn his life around when he walked into the gym. He turned this hobby into a drive to compete and help others also find their way through fitness and health.  Josh specializes in weight loss assistance through nutritional guidance, personal training and coaching for any level of athlete. His vast knowledge and experience with weight training and body sculpting is ideal for the seasoned bodybuilder looking for guidance, as well as someone stepping foot inside the gym for the first time. 


In his non-gym time, Josh runs his family farm and has passion for his pigs. His overall goal is to always help others get where they want to be in their fitness and health journey. Whether that be improving basic quality of life, or prepping an athlete for their time on stage, he wants to make the process fun and enjoyable along the way. If you are interested in working with Josh, click the link below. 

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